The Death of Jekyll

Ah, good God is it weird to be back here, back to, well, i guess where it all began. This tiny little cubicle hole in the corner of the inter-web, The Word; a dismal diatribe of whining and pitiful melancholy. Got to love it, huh? No, no i know, you don't, nobody does and i get that. But fuck it, it's something to do right?

I originally started this blog as a way to reach out, chat and banter with readers and fellow writers all around this dying blue ball and for the most part, it actually worked! Thank you to my folks in Singapore by the way for buying my last two books, it's great to see some love more than 3,000 miles away still going strong. To the rest of the readers, i mean i feel like i cannot thank you enough. So, this is sort of like a newer version of old me, still a little bitter and i'll always enjoy discord and mayhem, almost like that should have been somewhere in my name (thanks mom) but at the same time, not the same Jekyll and Hyde guy from before.

There's not much of an update, besides a few things. I finally left her, that evil succubus bitch i dedicated so much of my life to, that dreary bottle of booze. Living sober is truly a weird thing after living the better part of ten years underneath a cloudy spell, but it's better, more clear and i'm enjoying the new vision. The same friends who have i mentioned before that don't text back or call back, blah, blah, blah, yeah no, they're way the fuck gone. But honestly, it's refreshing. The fact that i know there is people out there who hate me because i was an addict actually make me smile a little, seeing them still stuck in the exact same spot in life they were at when they left me meanwhile i'm getting a little farther up the ladder each day, fascinating and tranquil, man, let me tell you.

My intention is to get this blog rolling again, to have The Word take its place where it used to sit back in 2013 and have some engagement again. I will be doing the same as before, talking about something which has permeated through my head all day until it builds up to much to not say something. Disclaimer: no politics. Yeah, yeah, i know, yes i know our president is a former reality TV star but newsflash: all politicians suck, there is no good ones and i'm leaving it at that. Because on The Word, we're really just here to discuss the good and dark, the relationships, the sin, the ugliness that make up what a human really is.

I will also be discussing recent and currently on-going writing projects on here as well, you will have links to get the latest and greatest. My newest collection of short stories, poetry and prose entitled Sinner Like Me came out a little over two weeks ago and is available exclusively on Amazon (for now) but there is a link to it's page should you be interested. Thanks for your time and i hope to see some chatter from you all as we get moving into the end of this dreadful decade.

That my friends, is The Word of the day.


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