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The Potential of your Noggin

12%. Can you fathom as humans today, as advanced as we are, only utilize on average, 12% of our brain powers potential? Speculate for only a brief moment what the infinite possibilities would be should we find our key to our species Pandora's box. Intergalactic travel, reaching as far as the forex dwarf galaxy and beyond, seeing the constellations we've gazed at for centuries from the grassy knoll at night right in front of your face. Imagine walking into your local drug mart and picking up your one-time cancer vaccination. Peace amongst nations may new achieved with no bloodshed and darwinism finally prevails over mythological gods and cultist ideologies.  Literature has a brave new world to traverse as intellect evaporates our currently vapid society. Bilingualism is an unnecessary talent as we have evolved into one universal language, and racism being nothing but an example of this foolish period in time, one engulfed by selfishness and self-righteous pretensions.  We have…