A Haunting Lesson

  Its 4am on a long Wednesday evening, just as the sun peers over top the accumulation of clouds that has gathered since last night’s storm. I’m 8 years old, smack dab in the middle of the live horror that is night terrors, screaming bloody murder, bashing my fists into walls in an attempt to settle the demons. Amidst the fear, for the first time, I could see a glimmer of light in my otherwise dark dream world and she comes almost out of nowhere. Who could it be? The next morning I rise earlier than per usual on a Saturday morning, to find my guardian sitting at the foot of my bed, more alarmed at the fact I could see through her rather than her identity. It was my Aunt Molly, a gentle and often self-sacrificial person in life, taken way too young at the age of 67 due to invasive cancer, my childhood caregiver. Seeing this, the awe was almost dialed down, I knew her, she knew me, but she was dead! She was dead and gone, and now she is gazing at me from 3 feet away in her normal warm and securing manner. She told me not to fret over the demons, they will stay asleep now and she will make certain of that. Since that soul enhancing morning, I have never again suffered a night terror, even while I still have nightmares; they are more than quickly subdued. I believe time is an infinite portal, an always open gateway to other lives, experiences, and lessons. How can you tell me people die and go 6 feet under, that being all there is in store for each one of us at the moment of death? When I have had such powerful forces in my time here on earth which falsify that statement. When the shadow of death comes for each one of us, it never leaves empty handed. I do not believe we just end up in a box surrounded by dirt and rats and worms, I believe there is a further purpose for us. Though our current human body is forever evaporated, I think our souls find other venues to host. I saw my Aunt as a spirit, in the form I remembered her in, but throughout my life I could feel her presence around me. When we adopted our first dog Maxine, the untamed and curious beast would run to me and me alone in anytime of fear. The way this animal stared at me, hopeful intent in its eyes, the way that this dog laid in me, how she always felt I was her safeguard. That is the same feeling I always acquired from my Aunt Molly. With my dog, I felt no evil dwelling on me like a vulture as I had so long felt in the past. I think spirits never leave; rather they transition into a new body, a new start at life. Regardless of your thoughts or opinions I concretely believe every insect, at one time or another was a human life. A human life that now has the ability to fly, to spread its wing span and take new heights, while others, possibly those who have made unforgivable mistakes and actions turn into those cockroaches, spiders, and centipedes we try so desperately to keep out of our homes and businesses. Life is a constantly revolving cycle that needs equal re-filtering in order to maintain homeostasis and what better to use as refill then the millions of people that die each day? Millions more are born on the same day and who’s to say they’re not the reincarnation of previously lived lives, though the soul doesn’t realize at the period in time. You cannot tell me you’ve never met a person or animal who has reminded yourself of an important person in your life, that somehow, in some strange way, you felt connected to them, almost like you’ve known each other all your life.
Reincarnation however, is not the only direction your soul can go once it has passed. While some may have that route, others may stay lingering in their natural spiritual forms. I full heartedly believe the only means of improving the world around us, as well as the only tried and true method to which improved living conditions throughout the centuries was the fact that each generation must succeed the prior. We must be better than our parents, smarter, wiser, and more deliberate. Our world is not going to upgrade with each rising generation sitting on their bottoms. I think the paranormal has always had a strong role in this throughout time, the way they convey their messages usually go awry as most of take it to be a form of haunting and we justly run from them. Instead, by listening to the true nature of the message they are attempting to communicate we may be able to take their advice, hear what didn’t work in their generation that in fact may or may not work now. I’m not trying to convince anyone to take political advice from the ghostly girl you see in your hallway each evening, but they have seen much more than we in the living world have. So that haunting little girl, while she may not offer you advice on the route your government should take, she can warn you don’t go chasing your four-square ball through a busy street, or that man who lives next door that always seems to be looking for his puppy, has never owned a dog in his life. Spirits can haunt us, instill fear inside of our heads we may never be able to rid ourselves of, and yet they can offer the greatest gift of all: knowledge and knowledge is power, knowledge is leverage, and intellect will save us from the eventual destruction we are gearing our over ego-ed species towards. Instead of the continuation of a process that is quite transparently failing, as we see with world famine and crippling violence, yet perhaps if we took lessons from the supernatural our future may not be so dim. It is intensely difficult to fathom such a ludicrous thought, learn from our mistakes? Look back on the path of history and possibly not curve into the same bullet? After Abraham Lincoln was shot by Mr. Booth, did we justly beef up our presidential security in order to effectively protect the commander-in-chief? I think not my good sir, as we lost our second greatest president, a young lad as well, John F. Kennedy. I am not attempting to instill any belief in your noggin that by conversing with spirits, we will correct every injustice in this world, but rather should you come across one, listen do not dismiss. Learn from mistakes of the past for application to wrongs in the future.
In the end, it’s up to you to decide what you do or don’t believe, and it’s not going to affect me either way. But do not make some rash decision without at least giving the powers of this world a chance. Science cannot and will never explain everything; there are many, many occurrences and forces in this world that we will never be able to grasp fully. No matter how many Ghost Hunters search, and attempt to apply science to the paranormal universe, it will never end justly. Ghosts and extraterrestrial forces will always be present in the world of the living, but believe any truth you would like too, because like I said, it’s all up to you in the end.


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